School of models in Belgorod
We finish forming of groups for training at School of the Angels PMG models. Everyone can come to our casting for more detailed acquaintance with the training program and refining of the schedule and conditions.

Date of a casting and the lesson schedule can be learned on the corresponding page “Casting in Belgorod” or from the administrator.

Our school of models is unique and represents amicable team work. We the first in Belgorod offer an integrated approach to training in model art.
Occupations will begin in the fall. Your children will perfectly spend time, developing and communicating with peers.

The school invites to lessons of children from 5 to 23 years. Questionnaire below ↓

We create little groups till 10-12 of people. The individual program, taking into account age features and stages of development of the child is developed for each group.

The program includes:

  • Bases of gait and grace (fashion show; podiumny step)
  • Photo bases – and video arts (ability to work for the camera and the video camera; practice of work with photographers)
  • Acting skills (occupation with the teacher of acting skills)
  • Development of plastics (dances)
  • English (groups form on level of training)
  • Creative lessons optionally.
  • To teenagers also lessons of stylistics and dietology.
  • Occupation there pass 2-4 times a week.

Our school will realize the creative potential of your child, will teach to move, hold beautifully a bearing, it is correct to speak and behave in front of the camera.

These skills will be useful even to those who are not going to become model. During training, children become surer, raskovanny. And also this interesting pastime, fascinating programs.
Yours faithfully, Angels PMG.

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